2 Easy Ways To Introduce The Metallic Trend Into Your Home's Decor


Metallics are a hot trend in modern interior design. From high gloss through to aged and patinated finishes, metallics are being used in every room of the home to add depth, texture and a touch of luxury to the decor. Adding some metallics to a room is a great way to quickly bring the look up to date and add a new level of opulence. Here are two easy and fast ways to bring the beauty of metallics into your home.

15 August 2017

Get an Extra-Large Bathroom Rug for That Modern Appeal


Have you visited any bathroom showrooms lately?  You may have noticed that extra large and oversized bathroom rugs are now amongst top sellers.  Many people are noticing the almost magical effect that these super big rugs have on bathroom d├ęcor. Extra large bathroom rugs are available to suit almost all tastes.  If you get one or several for your bathroom, you will drastically improve the ambience of the room.  Every time you change the rug, your bathroom will take on a new look.

14 August 2017

4 Reasons Your Built-In Wardrobe Needs a Raised Floor


Most built-in wardrobes have their own floors that are raised up slightly from the carpet or other flooring beneath. However, it's not uncommon for homeowners to want their built-in wardrobes to be completely flush with the surrounding room, with the flooring inside the wardrobe kept at the same level and made of the same material. Unfortunately, this is usually a poor idea. Here are just four reasons why your wardrobes should really have their own raised floors.

11 August 2017

How to Choose the Best Timber Flooring Materials for Your Home


Timber flooring is very popular for residential homes, as it's tough and durable while also being timeless and classic. Timber flooring also coordinates with any interior style and decor, from a rustic cottage look to upscale, elegant spaces. The only downside to timber flooring is that you have so many options for slat size, species and the like that it might be a bit overwhelming to choose the best material for your home!

9 August 2017

3 Key Features for an Elegant and Beautiful Japanese Style Bedroom


If you're redecorating your bedroom, then you may be hoping to achieve a stylish yet simple and elegant look for the space. A Japanese style bedroom may be the perfect way to achieve this. Japanese interior design is based on tranquillity, functionality and simple beauty, making it a great choice for a no-fuss and serene sleeping environment. Here are three key features that you should include to successfully capture the Japanese style feeling in your bedroom.

27 July 2017

Important Details That Are Too Easy to Overlook When Choosing Outdoor Blinds


A good way to add comfort and style to your home's patio area is to install outdoor blinds to a pergola or porch frame. Blinds can block out hot summertime sun, keep the patio insulated during cooler weather, and give you needed privacy from nearby neighbours. Blinds can also add a pop of colour to the space, making it seem cosier and more inviting. When you're ready to shop for blinds, consider a few important details that are actually very easy to overlook, so you don't forget these yourself and are sure to get blinds that fit your space and work as needed.

27 July 2017

Simple Updates That Give a Bathroom Space an Entirely New Look


If your home's bathroom is a bit dull and drab, or even downright outdated and ugly, you don't need to tear up the entire room and install expensive new plumbing fixtures to give that room an entirely new look. For those who are on a budget or who want a quick fix to the bathroom, note a few simple updates you might try instead. These can give the space a fresh new appearance for far less money than an entire renovation, and create a bathroom you'll love for years to come.

18 July 2017

Should You Add Balcony Shutters to Your Building's Design? 5 Questions to Consider


Balcony shutters are extremely useful shutters that go on the outside of your balcony, and if you are designing a high rise or commissioning a builder to create a block of flats for you, you may want to consider integrating balcony shutters. Here's what to consider: 1. Do the Shutters Add to the Style of the Building? Initially, you may want to think about the aesthetics of the balcony shutters. They can enhance the sense of style of the building and add a unique visual texture.

17 July 2017

3 Decorative Window Security Screens That Won't Make You Compromise On Style


Home security is an important consideration for most Australian homeowners. Security screens on your windows are the best way to ensure that these vulnerable entry points of your home are safe from unwanted visitors. Unfortunately, many window security screens may be practical, but they can leave a lot to be desired when it comes to aesthetics. If you want protection for your windows but don't want to compromise on design and beauty, then there are three stunning, yet solid, window security screens you might like to try.

12 July 2017

Choosing the Right Carpet for a Household with Children


Nothing quite beats a beautiful carpet when it comes to relaxing at home. It keeps your feet warmer than a laminate or hardwood floor and gives you a nice, soft surface for walking on. Plus, of course, there's a near-infinite range of colours and patterns that let you increase the visual appeal of rooms by complementing the rest of the decor. If you have children in the house, however, you might find yourself having second thoughts about investing in a new carpet.

11 July 2017