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Should You Add Balcony Shutters to Your Building's Design? 5 Questions to Consider


Balcony shutters are extremely useful shutters that go on the outside of your balcony, and if you are designing a high rise or commissioning a builder to create a block of flats for you, you may want to consider integrating balcony shutters. Here's what to consider:

1. Do the Shutters Add to the Style of the Building?

Initially, you may want to think about the aesthetics of the balcony shutters. They can enhance the sense of style of the building and add a unique visual texture. Shutters also look more uniform than having every tenant hang their own blinds or curtains over the windows.

2. Will the Shutters Make the Units More Attractive to Residents?

Whether you plan to rent out the units or sell them in a strata arrangement, the units have to be appealing. They need a functional layout and attractive internal elements like the right countertops and interesting paint on the walls. Beyond that, it can help to offer usable outdoor spaces, and with high rises, balconies are generally the only option. The addition of shutters helps make the space even more useful because they keep the balcony from getting too hot.

3. Do You Need the Energy Saving Abilities of Balcony Shutters?

When shutters keep the balcony cool, they also help to keep the unit cool. If you plan to rent out the units and include electricity in the price of the rent, that can help to save you money. Even if tenants pay for their own electrical costs, the balcony shutters can help you save money.

For instance, imagine that there are no balcony shutters, and people's units get very hot as a result. That heat spreads to the common areas like hallways, and you, in turn, have to spend money cooling those spaces. In these cases, you save money by putting in the shutters.

4. What Design Do You Prefer?

Once you decide to go with balcony shutters, you have to choose a design. You have to decide how many panels you want with each door, how you want the hanging hardware to work, and whether or not you want tracks. Then, you have to decide about colours, slats and other general design issues.

5. What Are the Long Term Maintenance Considerations?

Finally, you should consider the potential long term maintenance costs of your shutters. If slats break or tracks get worn out, you will have to pay someone to repair those issues. It's helpful to know what to expect before you put in the shutters.

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17 July 2017