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Will a Blockout Blind Work in Your Bathroom?


If you're looking at buying a new blind for your bathroom, then you have a couple of things to think about -- the room needs light, but you need privacy.

While some people choose a blockout blind for ultimate privacy in their bathrooms, this type of blind can have some downsides. How can you get the best mix of privacy and light for your bathroom window?

Is Your Bathroom Overlooked?

The last thing you want when you're using your bathroom is to be seen by your neighbours. Before you choose a blind, take a look out the window and see what you can see from it.

If you can see into rooms in neighbouring homes, then your neighbours may be able to see back into your bathroom as well. If you are overlooked, then a blockout blind may be a good option. These blinds stop people from seeing in windows even when it is dark and the room's light is on.

How Big Is Your Bathroom?

A larger bathroom is likely to be lighter than a smaller one. If your bathroom is small and naturally dark, then a blockout blind will give you virtually complete privacy, but it is also likely to darken the room when the blind is down.

You may need to have the light on whenever you use the room with the blind down. If this isn't a problem for you, then a blockout blind may work.

If you prefer to have a blind that lets in more light, like a translucent blind, then you may lose some privacy. For example, other blinds won't completely screen your window from view at night when the bathroom light is on.

Can You Double up Blinds?

If you can't decide whether privacy or light is more important for you, then using a dual blockout blind may be the right solution. These blinds have two parts; they might contain a translucent blind that you can use during the day when you want more light coming into the room, and they'll have a blockout blind that you use at times when you need more privacy at the window.

Remember that your blinds supplier can give you expert advice on the type of blind that will best suit your bathroom and your light and privacy preferences. To find out more about suitable bathroom blinds, explain your dilemma and ask for some professional advice.


6 May 2019