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When you're decorating your home, you don't want the same design everyone else has. That one-size-fits all, out-of-the-box look simply isn't intriguing, and emotionally, it doesn't feel as nice as personalized designs. Hi! My name is Sarah, and I love design. My home reflects not just what's in style, but rather, it reflects something about me, my life, experiences and preferences. In this blog, I want to help you create your ideal home. I plan to write about how to personalise interior design from a functional and aesthetic perspective, as well as tips on saving money, hiring designers and more. Take a look and enjoy.

Simple Updates That Give a Bathroom Space an Entirely New Look


If your home's bathroom is a bit dull and drab, or even downright outdated and ugly, you don't need to tear up the entire room and install expensive new plumbing fixtures to give that room an entirely new look. For those who are on a budget or who want a quick fix to the bathroom, note a few simple updates you might try instead. These can give the space a fresh new appearance for far less money than an entire renovation, and create a bathroom you'll love for years to come.

Swap out the vanity

If the bathroom's vanity is old and worn, or you have a sink with exposed pipes underneath and no vanity at all, installing a new vanity can make the entire bathroom seem fresh and new. A new vanity can cover those old pipes and provide storage for other items that may be detracting from the look of the space; if the bathroom already has a vanity, consider a new one in a deep walnut colour to add richness and warmth to the bath. On the other hand, going from a dark vanity to a very light colour can make the bathroom seem lighter and brighter.

Frame the mirror

To add some style to a plain, bare mirror over the sink, choose decorative moulding from the hardware store. Most stores will cut moulding for you, so have it sawn into four angled pieces, then use construction adhesive to attach these pieces to the mirror to create a frame. This can make the mirror look very attractive and update the sink area.


Don't think that you need to tear out the bathroom floor if it's outdated and dull, as today's bathroom tile designs can usually be attached right over the current flooring. If the floor itself is not level, you can have plywood cut to size and attach that to the floor with construction adhesive, to create an even surface. You can then apply new tile to the plywood, and your bathroom has a fresh, affordable new floor!

Shower screens

A modern shower screen can open up the bathroom space and make it seem larger and even brighter, since a glass screen will reflect light rather than absorb it. A glass screen will also ensure that you never have an outdated, stained, worn, or otherwise unsightly shower curtain, and the glass screen will work with any decor, so you can easily swap out your linens and other items anytime you need a fresh look in the bathroom.


18 July 2017