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Choosing the Right Carpet for a Household with Children


Nothing quite beats a beautiful carpet when it comes to relaxing at home. It keeps your feet warmer than a laminate or hardwood floor and gives you a nice, soft surface for walking on. Plus, of course, there's a near-infinite range of colours and patterns that let you increase the visual appeal of rooms by complementing the rest of the decor.

If you have children in the house, however, you might find yourself having second thoughts about investing in a new carpet. After all, kids have a habit of accidentally damaging all kinds of furnishings, and it can be a worry that they'll wreck your brand-new carpet in no time. Don't be put off, though — just make sure you choose a carpet that's child-friendly. Here are some tips to help you out.

The fibre

For a durable carpet that won't get stained easily, wool is out. You might find this disappointing, but there are some very good alternatives.

Your best bet is to choose a synthetic fibre, like nylon or PET. Either of these will withstand a good amount of running around and playing, and they're able to resist staining pretty well. They're also less expensive than wool, which can make it easier if you do need to replace the carpet.

The colour

Unfortunately, if you like a clean, stark, minimalist style, you've probably already realised that white and very pale carpets are out. Even slight remnants of stains will show up and ruin the carpet's appearance, and spilt drinks and dropped food are just too much of a risk with children around.

Instead, choose darker colours that will hide staining and look as good as new for longer. If you really want something like, you could choose a pattern that would help to mask stains if you can find something suitable.

The pile

While deep, luxurious carpet feels wonderful underfoot, it can show wear and tear more quickly. Because of this, it's better to go for a shorter pile if you have kids running about. Alternatively, you could use a rug to cover sections where children play, but then you wouldn't really be getting the benefit of your deep carpet anyway.

The finishing touches

Find a stain-repellent, waterproofing spray suitable for carpets, and become good friends with it. If you spray regularly, you can deal with spilt liquids before they happen, making them much easier to clean up and leaving your carpet looking great.


11 July 2017