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3 Key Features for an Elegant and Beautiful Japanese Style Bedroom


If you're redecorating your bedroom, then you may be hoping to achieve a stylish yet simple and elegant look for the space. A Japanese style bedroom may be the perfect way to achieve this. Japanese interior design is based on tranquillity, functionality and simple beauty, making it a great choice for a no-fuss and serene sleeping environment. Here are three key features that you should include to successfully capture the Japanese style feeling in your bedroom.

1. Sliding panel blinds

One of the most iconic features of Japanese interior design is the simple yet stunning sliding panels that are used to divide the living spaces instead of solid walls. Although you may not like the idea of ripping out your walls and replacing them with screens, you can recreate the look by installing sliding panel blinds as window dressings.

This style of blind runs the length of the window and is opened by sliding it horizontally instead of vertically like standard blinds. Opt for a soft white or sand coloured fabric which will give you the look of Japanese style wall panels while also providing you with plenty of privacy in the bedroom. If you're not able to find a traditional blind, consider different shutters and roller blinds that may offer a similar look.

2. A futon bed

Another key feature in Japanese bedrooms is a futon bed. This style of bed is basic but aesthetically pleasing. The thin but firm mattress sits low to the ground on a simple timber frame that doesn't have a head board or any other adornments.

Many people find futon mattresses comfortable and enjoy the firmness of the mattress style. If you prefer a softer and more cushioned sleep surface, then you can opt for a regular mattress on a futon base to achieve the look without compromising on your comfort.

3. Beautiful Japanese fabrics

The simple style of Japanese interiors and furnishings make them the perfect backdrop for highlighting the beautiful fabrics that the country is famous for. Gorgeous silks and satins with stunning floral and animal patterns in a mix of bright hues and embellished metallics are classic Japanese fabric styles.

Add some colour and flair to your Japanese style bedroom by adding some of these fabrics as soft furnishings. Pillow slips, doona covers, throw rugs and cushions are all subtle yet effective ways to add some vibrancy and beauty to a neutral and streamlined bedroom.

A Japanese style bedroom will provide a calm and soothing environment in your bedroom. It's a look that's timeless yet contemporary and will be a relaxing sanctuary amidst the busy nature of modern life.


27 July 2017