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Important Details That Are Too Easy to Overlook When Choosing Outdoor Blinds


A good way to add comfort and style to your home's patio area is to install outdoor blinds to a pergola or porch frame. Blinds can block out hot summertime sun, keep the patio insulated during cooler weather, and give you needed privacy from nearby neighbours. Blinds can also add a pop of colour to the space, making it seem cosier and more inviting. When you're ready to shop for blinds, consider a few important details that are actually very easy to overlook, so you don't forget these yourself and are sure to get blinds that fit your space and work as needed.

Insulating properties

While all blinds will add some protection against cold winds, not all blinds insulate a patio space equally. PVC material will hold and trap heat in the patio; this can be uncomfortable during very warm weather or when you're using a grill, but if you want your blinds to provide maximum insulation against cold, this is typically the best material to choose.

Fabric blinds will also provide some insulation, but the amount of insulation they offer depends on the size of the fabric mesh or weave. A very open weave will allow in sunlight and wind, whereas a small, tight mesh will block more light and air from coming into the patio. If you want fabric blinds but need maximum insulating properties, note the weave of the fabric and choose something very small and dense.


Brightly coloured outdoor blinds can add lots of style and personality to the space, but note that lighter fabrics will usually show dirt more easily, and may need more frequent cleaning. Direct sunlight and exposure to rain and other harsh weather can easily fade those bold colours. If you prefer blinds that are low maintenance and that will last for years before needing replacement, choose a darker, more neutral colour.

Your climate

Since blinds will be exposed to the weather every time they're opened, you need to consider your average weather conditions when making your selection; as said, harsh sunlight will fade colourful blinds, and strong winds and rains can shred fabric blinds. In areas with lots of storms, PVC or vinyl can then be a better choice than fabric. The rigidness of PVC also makes it a better choice if you want to close the blinds during storms to protect patio furniture; these blinds aren't likely to flap around in high winds, so they let in less rain and will offer more protection for items you have stored on the patio.


27 July 2017