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4 Reasons Your Built-In Wardrobe Needs a Raised Floor


Most built-in wardrobes have their own floors that are raised up slightly from the carpet or other flooring beneath. However, it's not uncommon for homeowners to want their built-in wardrobes to be completely flush with the surrounding room, with the flooring inside the wardrobe kept at the same level and made of the same material.

Unfortunately, this is usually a poor idea. Here are just four reasons why your wardrobes should really have their own raised floors.

1. Easier to Clean

In a perfect world, everything would go into a wardrobe completely clean, but that doesn't always happen. Dirt and dust can accumulate at the bottom of a wardrobe over time, and you'll clearly want to get rid of it if you want your clothes to stay looking and smelling their best. Vacuuming or sweeping inside such a confined space can be challenging, and carpeting tends to hold onto dust and dirt more easily than wood. As such, you'll find it a lot easier to clean the custom wooden floor of a built-in wardrobe.

2. Room for Electronics

For some people, built-in wardrobes aren't only where they keep their clothes. That added space can be used to store a number of things you might normally keep out of sight, and some of those items will be electrical. With a raised floor, your built-in wardrobe will have space just beneath to accommodate electrical wiring, which is going to look a lot nicer than simply having a power lead coming out of the front of the wardrobe.

3. No Wear

Most built-in wardrobes are installed in bedrooms, and most bedrooms are carpeted. Carpeting is ideal for the rest of the bedroom, but it isn't great in a wardrobe since it isn't very stable. If you place a small chest of drawers or even a bunch of heavy shoes onto carpet, it's going to crush down over time, creating an uneven appearance that is rarely going to make your wardrobe look great. Luckily enough, that's not a problem you'll run into when you go for a wardrobe with a raised floor.

4. Professional Appearance

Finally, built-in wardrobes with raised floors simply look better. When a wardrobe door opens onto the same flooring as the rest of a room, there's no clear separation between inside and out, and there will always be a little gap between the bottom of the doors and the flooring. With a raised floor, your built-in wardrobes will look more professional.


11 August 2017