Terrance Murphy

4 Benefits of Home Water Filters


With the rate of pollution getting higher by the day, contaminants are finding their way into the water. Gone are the days when a home water filter was a luxury; it's now a necessity. The water you consume in your home should be clean and pure. Regardless of how clean your tap or water seems, there may be some natural contaminants. Homeowners are turning to home water filters placed at the main water line.

16 October 2020

Will a Blockout Blind Work in Your Bathroom?


If you're looking at buying a new blind for your bathroom, then you have a couple of things to think about -- the room needs light, but you need privacy. While some people choose a blockout blind for ultimate privacy in their bathrooms, this type of blind can have some downsides. How can you get the best mix of privacy and light for your bathroom window? Is Your Bathroom Overlooked?

6 May 2019

4 Reasons Panel Glides Used to Cover Large Windows or Doors Should Be Motorized


Panel glides make a great choice when you need to cover wider expanses of glass, such as large, sweeping windows and sliding doors. Such applications are also ideal for motorization, so you should think about having a programmable motor installed when you fit your panel glides. Here are just four reasons why. 1. More Convenient The most obvious benefit that comes with motorized panel glides also tends to be the most compelling: they're incredibly convenient.

14 December 2018

3 Tricks To Integrate Blinds Into Your Living Room Décor


Blinds are an essential part of the overall aesthetic of any room when you install them, so you need to make sure they resonate with the theme of your décor. Your living room is a space where you entertain people and spend a great deal of time, which means that you can't afford to cut corners when it comes to ensuring your blinds look amazing. Here are some tricks to integrate blinds into your living room décor:

27 July 2018

3 Easy Ways To Add A Fresh, Green Garden Vibe To Your Home Office


If you work from home, then you probably spend a good deal of time in your home office. Creating the right work environment is important to high productivity levels, but having the right desk and equipment isn't the only thing to consider. Many large companies have realised the importance of introducing a garden-like feel to their work environments. This tactic makes for happier workers, more creativity and higher levels of production.

22 February 2018

2 Easy Ways To Introduce The Metallic Trend Into Your Home's Decor


Metallics are a hot trend in modern interior design. From high gloss through to aged and patinated finishes, metallics are being used in every room of the home to add depth, texture and a touch of luxury to the decor. Adding some metallics to a room is a great way to quickly bring the look up to date and add a new level of opulence. Here are two easy and fast ways to bring the beauty of metallics into your home.

15 August 2017

Get an Extra-Large Bathroom Rug for That Modern Appeal


Have you visited any bathroom showrooms lately?  You may have noticed that extra large and oversized bathroom rugs are now amongst top sellers.  Many people are noticing the almost magical effect that these super big rugs have on bathroom décor. Extra large bathroom rugs are available to suit almost all tastes.  If you get one or several for your bathroom, you will drastically improve the ambience of the room.  Every time you change the rug, your bathroom will take on a new look.

14 August 2017

4 Reasons Your Built-In Wardrobe Needs a Raised Floor


Most built-in wardrobes have their own floors that are raised up slightly from the carpet or other flooring beneath. However, it's not uncommon for homeowners to want their built-in wardrobes to be completely flush with the surrounding room, with the flooring inside the wardrobe kept at the same level and made of the same material. Unfortunately, this is usually a poor idea. Here are just four reasons why your wardrobes should really have their own raised floors.

11 August 2017

How to Choose the Best Timber Flooring Materials for Your Home


Timber flooring is very popular for residential homes, as it's tough and durable while also being timeless and classic. Timber flooring also coordinates with any interior style and decor, from a rustic cottage look to upscale, elegant spaces. The only downside to timber flooring is that you have so many options for slat size, species and the like that it might be a bit overwhelming to choose the best material for your home!

9 August 2017

3 Key Features for an Elegant and Beautiful Japanese Style Bedroom


If you're redecorating your bedroom, then you may be hoping to achieve a stylish yet simple and elegant look for the space. A Japanese style bedroom may be the perfect way to achieve this. Japanese interior design is based on tranquillity, functionality and simple beauty, making it a great choice for a no-fuss and serene sleeping environment. Here are three key features that you should include to successfully capture the Japanese style feeling in your bedroom.

27 July 2017