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3 Easy Ways To Add A Fresh, Green Garden Vibe To Your Home Office


If you work from home, then you probably spend a good deal of time in your home office. Creating the right work environment is important to high productivity levels, but having the right desk and equipment isn't the only thing to consider. Many large companies have realised the importance of introducing a garden-like feel to their work environments. This tactic makes for happier workers, more creativity and higher levels of production.

While you may not be able to recreate the dazzling geometric structures with vast internal gardens asof some of the mega-corporations, you can still give your home office a more natural and verdant vibe. Here are three easy ways that you can introduce greenery and freshness to your workspace.

1. Printed blinds

Whether your home office has large, expansive windows or just a single, small window to the world, a printed blind can add some colour and flair to the space. Printed blinds that feature simple leafy patterns or more detailed jungle or forest prints are a wonderful way to bring nature into the room and help to create a calm and soothing environment.

If you spend more time working through the day than in the evening, opt for Venetian or Roman blinds instead of the roll-up variety. This will mean you'll still be able to see and enjoy the printed fabric even when the blinds are open.

2. Pot plants

Adding an assortment of potted plants is another great way to transform a boring home office into a more inspiring and enjoyable place to work. Plants are known to relieve stress, and they can even help to improve the air quality by absorbing and filtering toxins and odours.

If you're not a green thumb and generally manage to kill off your houseplants, then don't despair. There are many types of plants, such as succulents, spider plants and some fern varieties, that thrive on neglect and will stay green and living despite your lack of gardening skills.

3. Pictures

Often, home office walls may be dedicated to whiteboards, pin boards or calendars that relate to your home business. To help create the feel of a serene and open space, you can dedicate one of your walls to some beautiful, natural artwork.

A large photographic print from a professional photographer, or your own image if you have a good eye, can make a great focal point to gaze at when you're looking for ideas or inspiration. You can also opt for a nature-based painting or art print to achieve the same desired effect.


22 February 2018