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3 Tricks To Integrate Blinds Into Your Living Room Décor


Blinds are an essential part of the overall aesthetic of any room when you install them, so you need to make sure they resonate with the theme of your décor. Your living room is a space where you entertain people and spend a great deal of time, which means that you can't afford to cut corners when it comes to ensuring your blinds look amazing. Here are some tricks to integrate blinds into your living room décor:

Opt For Homogeneity With A Matching Décor Theme

If you're thinking of a classic homogeneous look with matching colour themes and shades running throughout the space, then you will need to choose a colour for your blinds that blends into the existing colours and furnishings. For example, if your living room is a beige/brown, then similar earthy colours for your blinds will be the best choice. If your room is more moder,n with sleek, grey furniture, then you can choose colours in similar tones for your living room blinds. Avoid mixing colours and styles if you're looking to create a look of colour unity.

Go Contrasting To Create A Focal Point

If you're thinking of creating a focal point to offset your living room's interiors, then choosing bold-coloured blinds could be a good way to do it. Blinds offer an aesthetic neatness, so a contrasting colour will create visual interest in the space. If your room is modern in style and décor, you could consider playing around with brighter colours to create a bold but sophisticated finish. Avoid using more than one colour on your blinds because you don't want to make the space look crowded and overpowered.

When In Doubt, Choose White Themes

You can never go wrong with white-coloured blinds because they match almost every décor theme available. Not only does white have a soft look, but it can also give a sense of spaciousness to the room. White also reflects light beautifully and can brighten up the space almost instantly, which is why it's a good colour choice for your living room blinds, whether your décor is more modern or classically inclined. If you don't want to choose stark white because of the maintenance that may be involved, you can choose similar light tones like ivory, off-white and cream as alternative colour choices.

Let these tricks guide you in your colour choice for your living room blinds to create an integrated design.


27 July 2018